1.Terms and Conditions

Welcome to https://ozinus.store, the E-Commerce system of Ozinus Store, a copyrighted and developed E-Commerce system. Please take note of the following terms before using our services. These Terms and Conditions apply to the products offered on the website as per your transaction requirements. By agreeing to transact, you accept to be bound by these Terms and Conditions with the following definitions:

1. Account: Refers to the account you need to log into our website if you want to make a purchase.

2. Member Customer: Means a person representing an organization/registered business entity. Specifically, coffee shops, agents, retail stores, including coffee shops.

3. Member: Means an individual purchasing products on our website.

4. Notification: Means the email from the website to confirm the receipt of your Order.

5. Customer: Means a person buying products on our website.

6. Business Day: Means weekdays excluding Sundays or any holidays in the United States.

7. Order Confirmation: Means an email we send you to confirm your order.

8. Order: Means an order placed by you on the website to purchase our products.

9. You: Means the customer using the website.

2.User Regulations

When you access the website https://ozinus.store, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove any part of these terms at any time. Changes take effect immediately upon posting without prior notice. By continuing to use the website after changes are posted, you accept those changes. Please check for updates regularly.

Members participating in transactions on the E-Commerce website https://ozinus.store are individuals or representatives of entities or organizations with full legal capacity or under the supervision of parents or legal guardians.

We provide usage terms for your shopping within specified parameters on the website.

You may not use any part of the website for commercial purposes or on behalf of third-party partners without written agreement between us and you. Violations may result in cancellation or withdrawal of your membership rights without prior notice.

When using services on the website, you must provide accurate information and keep it updated. You are responsible for your password, account, and activities on the website. Notify us of any unauthorized access to your account. We are not liable for losses due to your failure to comply with the rules and terms.

During registration, we will send newsletters and promotional information via email. If you no longer wish to receive these, you can opt out by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails.

3.Terms regarding Orders and Prices

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders for various reasons. We may request additional phone numbers or addresses before acceptance or cancellation.

We commit to providing accurate information and prices for products on the website. However, occasional errors may occur, such as incorrect product prices. Depending on the case, we will contact and guide you or cancel the order.

4.Formation of Contract

When placing an order, you must provide accurate information and follow the ordering instructions on the website.

After selecting products and placing an order, you will be informed of the total cost, including taxes if applicable. Unless specified otherwise, all costs are in USD, currently effective.

You must fully pay the amount upon order placement through payment methods we require. We will not deliver until full payment is made. The contract becomes effective upon full payment.

If you are asked for payment information, you must be the authorized user of the payment method. The payment method must have sufficient funds. We reserve the right to confirm your payment information before providing products.

By submitting an order on the website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions at the time of ordering. You are responsible for reviewing the latest Terms and Conditions with each order.

The Contract is formed, and we are legally bound to provide products when we accept your order. Acceptance will be clearly notified through an email, "Order Confirmation." Our Order Confirmation email is effective upon sending. We will send an invoice upon delivery. Until we accept your order, we have the right to refuse it. If we cancel an order before acceptance, we will promptly refund the amount paid via credit or debit card.

If you wish to modify your order after submission, please contact us immediately. However, we do not guarantee that we can fulfill your modification requests.

We strive to ensure the accuracy of our prices, but your order's value will be confirmed as part of our acceptance process. If the order's price changes before our acceptance, we will contact you to confirm your willingness to proceed with the revised price.

The contract will only cover products confirmed in the Order Confirmation email. We will not provide any products until confirmed in the Order Confirmation.


We will deliver the products to the location you requested in the order.

You can choose express or standard delivery. For detailed information about shipping costs, please refer to the Shipping Policy section.

We will deliver within the specified time frame set at the time of order (or updated in the Order Confirmation email). However, we cannot provide an exact delivery date when you place the order. We always strive to deliver as quickly as possible, depending on the location and delivery method you choose.

You can specify the recipient of the delivery. However, you will be responsible for any issues that arise after the goods in the order are delivered to the designated person.

We will inform you if there are any delays in delivery. We will not be liable for any losses, debts, costs, damages, or fees arising from late delivery.

Upon delivery, you will be required to sign for the goods. Please inspect the products for any errors or damages before signing. Keep the receipt in case you need to discuss the purchased product with us later.

Please note that there are locations where we cannot deliver. If that happens, we will notify you via the contact information you provided during ordering and arrange for order cancellation or delivery to a different address.

We package items using our standard packaging.

Handle the products carefully upon receipt to avoid damage, especially when using sharp objects

to open the packaging.

Ensure you are ready to receive the delivery without delays and during the specified time we provided.

If you cannot be present to receive the delivery, we will leave instructions on how to arrange redelivery or pick up from the courier.

If delivery and receipt are delayed due to your refusal to accept the delivery from the delivery unit, we will handle the situation in a manner that does not affect any of our rights or remedies available. You may need to cover transportation costs if the carrier includes them in the incurred expenses.

You are responsible for ensuring that the products are suitable for your needs and meet your personal requirements. We do not guarantee that the products will fully meet all your personal requirements. Please be aware that all products are of standard quality and may not be custom-made to fulfill all your preferences.

You have the right to inspect the items upon delivery. You must sign for the full receipt of the items as per the order with our delivery representative.

7.Customer Order Changes

Once you have decided to purchase our products, you cannot cancel the order. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Department.

8.Discount Codes

You can use discount codes to pay for products on the website. Only one discount code can be used per order. Once an order has been paid, you cannot use a discount code.

We may send gifts or discount codes to you via email, and these discount codes can only be used on the website. However, we are not responsible for any errors in email addresses or recipient names.

If you have a purchase voucher or discount code, it can be used by others, and you can transfer full usage rights of the voucher or discount code to another person.

In cases of fraud, deception, or suspicious activities related to the purchase or redemption of discount codes on the website, we reserve the right to suspend your personal account and/or request alternative payment methods.

We are not responsible for any loss, theft, or blurred text on discount codes.

Discount codes are only valid for the specified period stated on the voucher, can be used once, and cannot be combined with other promotional programs. Some brands may not be eligible for discounts.

The value of discount codes cannot be used to pay for products from any third party other than us, and the value of discount codes cannot accrue interest or be converted to cash.

If you purchase a product with a value lower than the value of the discount code, we will not refund the remaining amount. If the value of the discount code is insufficient for the desired product, you will need to pay the difference through other payment methods.

9.Copyright and Intellectual Property

We are the owner, licensee, or rights holder of the website and the materials posted on it. The entire content of the website is protected by Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law of the United States, and international treaties.

You are not allowed to use any materials on the website for commercial purposes without our consent or the consent of those who have granted us permission.

You can print a copy and download excerpts from any page on the website for your reference or to share with others within your organization, with the sole purpose of making a purchase. Proper attribution and citation from our website via the designated link in accordance with intellectual property and copyright laws are required.

You are not permitted to alter printed documents or electronic copies of any materials you have printed or downloaded. Nor are you allowed to use any depictions, images, videos, audio, graphics, or any marks of ours for your own purposes.

If you print, copy, or download any part of the website and violate the Terms of Use, your access to the website will be immediately disabled. In such case, you are responsible for returning or destroying any copies of the materials you have created and compensating for all related damages.

10.Force Majeure Clause (Cases Beyond Our Control)

We shall not be liable for any breach, hindrance, or delay in the performance of the contract due to any reasons beyond our control, such as: natural disasters and unavoidable accidents, actions of third parties (including, but not limited to, hackers, suppliers, governments, sub-governments, multinational agencies, or local authorities), insurrection, riot, government actions, war, hostility, acts of war, martial actions, national emergency, terrorism, smuggling, capture, restraint by competent authority, strikes, pandemics, fires, explosions, hurricanes, floods, droughts, weather conditions, earthquakes, natural disasters, accidents, machinery breakdowns, third-party software, interruptions, or issues with public utilities (including electricity, telecommunications, or Internet), shortages or unavailability of products, materials, equipment, or transportation ('Force Majeure Events'), regardless of foreseeability. When Force Majeure Events occur, the delivery of goods may be delayed until we resume normal operations.

Either party may terminate the contract by providing written notice to the other party if the 'Force Majeure Events' persist for 2 or more working days. In this case, neither party shall be responsible for the other, and the contract shall be considered terminated.

If we have contracts to deliver identical or similar products to multiple customers, and we are unable to fulfill the delivery obligation to you due to Force Majeure Events, we reserve the right to determine which contracts to fulfill and to what extent.


Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to address any concerns you may have regarding our products or services. Please reach out to us using the following contact information: