In order to safeguard customer rights and uphold a reputable sales policy, we offer comprehensive warranty services for all products supplied by Ozinus Store. Our warranty regulations and guidelines are provided in detail as follows:

1. Cases eligible for warranty coverage:

  • Products with manufacturing defects
  • Products damaged during transportation
  • Products not meeting the specified requirements as described and advertised in quality on our website at the time of customer order.
  • The default warranty period is 30 days from the date of receiving the product for manufacturing defects and damages caused during transportation. The warranty duration for quality standards will be clearly outlined for each product at the time of customer order placement.

2. Cases not covered by the warranty:

  • Natural wear and tear due to customer usage.
  • Non-compliance with manufacturer's usage instructions, for example:
    • Damage caused by wet laundering for products requiring dry cleaning.
    • Damage caused by machine washing for products requiring hand washing.
    • Damage caused by tumble drying at a higher temperature than recommended for the product.
  • Damage caused by accidental or intentional customer actions, for example:
    • Color fading due to washing together with other items prone to color bleeding.
    • Washing at high temperatures for products requiring low-temperature washing.
    • Tearing, damage, or seam separation due to physical impacts during usage.
    • Stains that cannot be removed due to customer-caused reasons.
    • Damage resulting from inadequate storage or improper preservation.
  • Outside the product's warranty period.
  • Products purchased from other suppliers not provided by Ozinus Store.
  • Products lacking sufficient verification basis provided by Ozinus Store. For example, products without order information, purchaser details, or supplied information that doesn't match customer and order information stored in Ozinus Store's system.
  • Products bought for resale without verifiable information about the original order and purchaser.
  • Products pre-notified as non-warrantable.

3. Warranty Instruction for Products

When you have a product that requires warranty coverage in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, please follow the instructions below:

3.1. Contact to submit a request for inspection and warranty confirmation.

Before contacting us with a warranty request, please prepare the necessary information as follows: Order code, essential contact information if your current contact details differ from those on the previous order. Images showing the issue with the product requiring warranty and clear notes describing the specific issue for warranty.

After you have gathered all the necessary information, please get in touch with us using one of the following options for prompt warranty support:

  • Contact us directly via our hotline:
  • Visit Ozinus Store directly at 3665 Plumas St, Reno, NV 89509,United States. When you arrive at the store, kindly bring along the product requiring warranty.
  • Through email at [email protected]. Please use the subject line "Warranty Request" and ensure to provide complete information including the order code, images, and details of the issue requiring warranty in the email content. If necessary, provide your contact information if it's different from the order information.
  • Through our Facebook fanpage Ozinus Store. Send a message and provide your warranty request to our staff.

3.2. Shipping for Warranty

After receiving the warranty confirmation email from Ozinus Store, please print the warranty shipping label included in the email and stick it on the package to be sent for warranty. After completing the packing and labeling, please send a confirmation email and ask us to send a courier to pick up the warranty or send the goods to our store at the address: Ozinus Store at 3665 Plumas St, Reno, NV 89509,United States.

4. Warranty Period and Shipping Costs

4.1. Warranty Period

The warranty period is calculated from the time we receive the product from the customer. The standard warranty timeframe is 3-7 business days. For products that cannot be rectified and require the production of a new replacement item, the warranty period is 20-25 days. For products that cannot be repaired and require a refund, the refund process takes around 3-5 days.

4.2. Shipping Costs for Warranty

All shipping costs during the warranty process will be covered by Ozinus Store. Customers will not need to pay any expenses.

4. Return and Refund Conditions:

For products that meet the warranty conditions but cannot be repaired, rectified, or replaced, we will provide the following options for customers:

  • Exchange for an equivalent product or one with a higher value, not exceeding 10% of the original price, without any additional cost.
  • Exchange for a shopping voucher worth the same value as the purchased product, plus an additional 10% compensation.
  • Refund the amount equal to the payment made by the customer for the purchased product.

5. Contact

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to address any concerns you may have regarding our products or services. Please reach out to us using the following contact information: